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(6.10) Whether you walk, bike, drive, or scoot, get over to the East Side this Saturday afternoon for the inaugural Providence Porchfest, a free, family-friendly, one-day musical event celebrating the diversity of Providence through a day full of music. These minstrels have decided to let the audience do the wandering. Multiple music acts on multiple porches, rain or shine. This may be the first, but if we get this right, it won’t be the last.

We checked out a few of the addresses in search of the porchiest porch. They all looked charming, with lovely yards and gardens; some are big wraparounds while others are more intimate. It was hard picking just one to feature. The one seen here is on Freeman Parkway; the porch is wide and elevated, like a proper stage. Rocking chairs and a giant beech tree complete the scene.

Go here for the schedule, which includes the addresses and artists so you can devise your own map and plan of action. More info at FB.

Go here for the list of artists (many with links for listening). There is a good variety on tap including the Swampbirds, Mark Cutler, Queen Anne’s Lace, Allysen Callery, Dopey Lopes, Lon Plynton, the ‘Mericans, How’s About Charlie, Grizzlies., Al Tringali, I’m Not Crying You’re Crying, and more.

How can you support the musicians? The FAQ page has this advice:

First off, just coming out to see the musicians is a great help — we hope you can get to as many as possible! If you enjoy the music, do consider supporting the bands — some will collect tips or sell merchandise, others have upcoming shows you can check out. You can also help the host keep the neighborhood tidy and free of street congestion.

Yes, watch where you are walking and sitting and leave everything neat. And put some singles and fivers in your pocket.

Free, noon to 6pm, Saturday, June 10, Providence Porchfest, East Side of Providence


Another lovely porch on Humboldt Avenue. Participating houses have these yellowish yard signs with their scheduled musicians listed on the white part.

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