Pub Quiz — Wild Colonial

(6.11) The Wild Colonial Tavern will be hosting their famous Pub Quiz this Sunday. Bring your brain. Beer on tap. Arrive with a team of four, or form one there, and compete for fabulous prizes.

In the past, the format has gone something like this: Categories might include current events, local stuff, famous volcanoes, Irish poets, the sixties, comics, architecture, signs of the apocalypse, Scorsese . . . you never know. It’s different every week, and it has usually ended in a 12-question audio music category. The rules will be explained as you go along.

The parking lot situation has changed. Here are their instructions:

Parking remains FREE at Wild Colonial. Yes, they’ve dropped the gate on the lot and no we don’t control that. But, Remain Calm. All is Well. We here at WC will validate for you, our customers, for up to 3 hours.

The sign says it’ll cost you a dollar. But it won’t. We’re gonna pay it.

So take a ticket, bring it in with you, enjoy the always convivial and deliciously air-conditioned confines, and, when you cash out, we’ll validate it for you.

Again, we do not control the lot. But we’re going to eat that dollar so you don’t have to.

Or, save Mo the dollar, and park on South Water Street which is just steps from the entrance. (Meter enforcement ends at 6pm.)

8pm, Sunday, June 11, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, (directions)

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