‘Asteroid City’ — Thursday At Avon

The King of Twee and his friends are back with another episode of Pastel World. Wes Anderson has created a genre all his own and most members of the movie-going public have decided by now whether they were waiting for more. “Moonrise Kingdom,” the one shot here in Rhode Island, and “Rushmore” are still my favorites. “The French Dispatch” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” have become all blurred in my mind. Now comes “Asteroid City” which some reviewers regard as his best yet. From a favorable review in Vulture:

While other filmmakers might answer their critics by branching out and shaking things up, Anderson, like Federico Fellini before him, doubles down on his stylistic peculiarities. My colleague Alison Willmore (accurately) called his last effort, The French Dispatch, “the most Wes Anderson movie Wes Anderson has ever made.” One could probably say the same for each new Anderson film and certainly for the marvelous Asteroid City, which just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

This brings me to another Vulture article: “Bad Projection is Ruining the Movie Theater Experience.” The Avon will want to check all their lenses, bulbs, wattage, and whatever for a Wes Anderson screening, or there will be heck to pay.

(I must admit that Accidentally Wes Anderson on Instagram is pretty great.)

Rated PG-13. Running time: 1 hour 44 minutes.

Asteroid City, 7pm, Thursday, June 22, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

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