Alarm Test

(6.22) Do not panic. The Providence Emergency Management Agency has announced it will conduct tests on the Port of Providence Emergency Siren Warning System at noon, Thursday, June 22. Officials advise that the sirens may be heard in surrounding communities.

The agency said residents do not need to take any action during the test. The siren will be followed with a message saying, “This is a test of the emergency management public warning system. This is only a test.” Of course the message was recorded by Charlie Brown’s teacher so the words may be hard to discern.

The goal of testing the sirens is to ensure all control panels and systems are in working order.

So this is just a test . . . unless a really clever villain has figured out that Thursday noon would be a great time to rob the casino!

(The vintage lifesaver seen here hangs outside the City Archives in City Hall. I knew if I was patient I could use this image some day.)

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