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The Ocean State Tackle bait window was bustling today. I wanted to check in on Sukha who had been ill, and I’m happy to report that she has responded well to treatment and resumed her duties holding down the sidewalk. Sukha and Purna, Dave Henault’s two awesome labs, are the store’s official greeters and neighborhood ambassadors. (Dave is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist: Sukha is Sanskrit for “happiness” and Prana means “breath, or life force.”)

Everyone in Providence knows Dave . . . people who will never need a squid jig in their life still like to stop by and hang. Dave even received the “Divine Providence” treatment when his friend, artist Umberto (Bert) Crenca, painted the OST building for #29 in his wonderful series of local streets, alleys, buildings, and cars. Asked if he has it hanging up at home, Dave answered with a shy little smile that this particular work now resides in the RISD Museum permanent collection. Very cool.

Ocean State Tackle always gets a mention at the start of trout season, but this year I could see on social media that his customers (grinning ecstatically) were catching enormous stripers, often nearby in the upper bay. I asked Dave for comment.

PDD: Are the striped bass actually bigger this year?

Dave: There’s a lot of big fish, the class of fish here are way larger than normal, and they have instituted new slot limits, so fish can only be kept between 28-31 inches to protect breeding stock . . . and you are only allowed one fish per day between 28-31 inches. That’s a rule just for striped bass, and that’s coast-wide not just Rhode Island. So the slot limit is to protect those fish for breeding.

PDD: Is there still good fishing up here, like at the hurricane barrier and in the rivers?

Dave: There is still good bass fishing in the upper bay and in the rivers, but the fish are a bit more scattered and people would do well to fish at dusk or at night this time of year . . . predawn is good also.

So go catch yourself some dinner! First go to the RI DEM for details regarding minimum sizes and possession limits.

Ocean State Tackle dispenses live bait and lures, fishing tackle and advice.

Ocean State Tackle, 430 Branch Avenue, (directions)


Carlos was getting ready for a trip down to Jamestown tonight at 2am. (There’s a Venmo Qr right there at the express window.)

Store owner Dave Henault explaining to a box of nightcrawlers how they are about to become one with the universe.

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