Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Passion Play, Anti-Sapien, Matriphagh, Scissor Hash, Retained Surgical Instrument @Fête Lounge, On Your Deathbed, Bloodline Theory, Galvanized, the Kulling

Fourth of July — wait for everyone at the bbq to comment on your awesome playlist

Wednesday@News Cafe, Catalyst, Middling, OneWayMirror, Amitié, Seven Basic Plots @Nick-A-Nee’s, Cold County @Dusk, Archangel of the Wasteland, Maddy Wood, Jake Hunsinger

Thursday@Machines With Magnets, Loma Prieta, Frail Body @Mayday, A Constant Knowledge of Death, Luciform, Daphns Mxxn, Snowbeasts @Innovation Dist Park, (6pm) Willie J Laws Band @Dusk, the Proles, Part-time Custodian, Craig Wreck @News Cafe, Crypt Warbler, Retribution Body, Specialized Life

(Photo of Frail Body)

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