Outdoor Showcase At Nick-A-Nee’s

(7.9) Nothing like summer nights in the city listening to live music, all pavement no mosquitos. Head down to Nick-A-Nee’s Sunday night for their Outdoor Showcase featuring Lookers and FINE.

Providence based darkpop supergroup, Lookers features Bryan Thomas Fielding on drums, guitarists Nick Politelli and Rafay Rashid, Florence Wallis on bass, with vocals by Muggs Fogarty.

Also on tap are locals Iz and Ly, the queer enby grunge pop duo known as FINE.

Never a cover. Weather looks great. Cash only, ATM on premises. Chairs, tables, and ashtrays.

8pm, Sunday, July 9, Nick-A-Nee’s, 75 South Street, (directions)

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