Week in Music

Monday@Dusk, Mirakler, the Hammer Party, Bedtime Magic, Substantial Abuse

Tuesday@PPAC, Counting Crows, Dashboard Confessional @Fête Ballroom (sold out) Declan McKenna @Dusk, Harrington, Mel Fine, Bare Cove, Hallway

Wednesday@Mayday, Doggy Paddle, Robo Pumpkin, Superhead, People Eating Plastic, Depopulate Montana @News Cafe, Ruckus @Dusk, Miracle Blood

Thursday@the Parlour, Deau Eyes, Naomi Westwater, Reid Parsons @Nick-A-Nee’s, Texas Street Revival @AS220 Black Box, Bare Cove, Indelego, Ava Panza @Mayday, Scaffolding, Bible Studies, Thee Phibs @WaterFire Arts Center (TroopTop), Olivia Dolphin, Avi Jacob @Dusk, Musick, Diva Karr, the Cost Ov Living, Interzone Agent, Threshold @News Cafe, Greatest Failure, Structure Sounds, Jobber

(Photo of Indelego)

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