September 5th Primary IS The Election

Newcomers to the state may not realize that the September 5th primary will effectively determine who we are sending to the House of Representatives to represent Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District recently vacated by David Cicilline.

For details and important dates go to the Secretary of State’s page on the CD1 Special Election. For instance, those not registered to vote need to get busy:

August 6 — Voter registration deadline for primary.

August 15  — Mail ballot application deadline for primary.

Yes, there will be a general special election in November, with two Republicans on the ballot, but due to decades of wheeling and dealing — and the insidious master lever, only recently eliminated — our state’s Democratic party has overrun state politics. Again, if you are a newcomer, please know that our state Democratic party includes some of the least progressive or enlightened pols imaginable; in any other state many of these guys would be Republicans. (This de facto one-party system is not a healthy one, but here we are.)

Ian Donnis of The Public’s Radio has an update on the candidates who cleared the 500 signature threshold on their nomination papers:

The Democrats are: former White House official Gabe Amo, Nick Autiello [since dropped out], former secretary of state candidate Stephanie Beaute, Walter Berbrick, Sen. Sandra Cano, Jamestown businessman Donald Carlson, Rep. Stephen Casey, former Rep. Spencer Dickinson, Providence City Councilor John Goncalves, Lt. Gov. Sabina Matos, Sen. Ana Quezada, and former Rep. Aaron Regunberg, and former Republican Allen Waters.

Only two Republicans, and no independents, have qualified for the ballot. Donnis has info on the candidates’ funding status as well.

Complete disclosure: I am supporting Aaron Regunberg. We will write more on the contest and the candidates as we get closer to the primary.

Just make sure you can vote should you decide you want to. Go here to Register to Vote.

(Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District includes all of Bristol and Newport counties, along with parts of Providence County, including most of the city of Providence.)

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