Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega Show III

(8.6) Can’t have too many of these. This mid-summer Scürvy Dög Parking Lot Mega has a great lineup, starting with the Sugar Cones?! Don’t be late.

Secret Defiler (9:00pm)
the Hammer Party (8:00pm)
Black Helicopter (7:15pm)
Vudu Sister (Electric Version) (6:30pm)
Death Pesos (5:45pm)
The Problem With Kids Today (5:00pm)
Knickerbocker 5 (4:15pm)
Ziggy Gnardust (3:30pm)
Headbirths (2:45pm)
the Sugar Cones (2:00pm)

The show is free and dog friendly (to friendly dogs). Properly supervised children are welcome.

Food by Bender’s Back-Yard Burgers and Yoki Nips Takoyaki.

Free, 1pm, Sunday, August 6, Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street, (directions)


Fun fact: This building was used as The Green Bar in the 2006 Showtime series “Brotherhood.” For a comprehensive analysis of the local sites used in filming, go to The bar was a going concern at the time of filming albeit a little sketchy.

From Quahog: Early in 2008 the bar came under new management, was renamed Westminster Public House, and the distinctive green half-timbered exterior was covered over with dark brown panels. Soon after that, it was painted black and renamed The Scurvy Dog.

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