Rally For Regunberg With Bernie!

(8.27) The Columbus Theatre will be hosting a rally for congressional candidate Aaron Regunberg on Sunday, August 27th, with special guest Bernie Sanders! Senator Sanders threw his support behind Aaron last month, joining other notables like Congressmen Jamie Raskin and Ro Khanna, as well as climate activist Jane Fonda. Singer Vanessa Carlton will also be on hand. From the Boston Globe:

“I’m endorsing Aaron Regunberg for Congress because he understands the vital need to stand up against large corporations who have too much control over political and economic systems,” said Sanders, an independent from Vermont.

For example, Sanders said Regunberg supports Medicare For All “because he knows Big Pharma and the health insurance industry continue to put their own greed ahead of the lives of thousands of Americans.”

Even more important are the endorsements from local politicians who know Aaron professionally and personally. From the ProJo:

Regunberg and Sanders will be joined at the rally by Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Pawtucket state Reps. Cherie Cruz, State Rep. Leonela Felix and Providence City Councilwoman Sue AnderBois.

Go to Regunberg for Congress for more on his positions on climate change, women’s right to choose, the gun industry, etc.

Early voting has begun and runs through September 4th. The Special Primary Election — which will effectively determine who we send to represent Congressional District 1 — will take place on September 5th. Go here for polling place info.

Free and open to the public, Rally for Regunberg, doors noon, Sunday, August 27, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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