Civil Skate To Host Pros At Trinity Skatepark

(8.30) Civil skateboard shop and Adidas Skateboarding will be hosting some of the nation’s top skaters this Wednesday downtown at the Trinity Skatepark. The street will be closed to traffic as several pros from the Adidas skateboarding team show the town what they can do. Listed at Civil IG:

Daewon Song, Dennis Busenitz, Nora Vasconcellos,

Silas Baxter-Neal, Miles Silvas, Dan Mancina, Lil Dre

Vincent Milou, Mariah Duran, Marcos Montoya

Brian Young was manning the shop yesterday (see photo below) and agreed to answer a few questions like Who are you looking forward to seeing on Wednesday? “Daewon and Dennis and Nora . . . all of them basically, but those are my favorites. But Daewon is probably the main one; he’s older and basically one of the pioneers of streetskating.” Song was named the 2006 ‘Skater of the Year’ by Thrasher magazine. He is 48 years old.

In her spare time, Nora Vasconcellos also surfs and paints. The first female to join the Adidas team, Nora hails from the Boston area! Nora wrote a fun piece for Thrasher ostensibly profiling her friends, while revealing much about her own very agreeable character. She appears to be on the cover of the October issue of Thrasher! Rolling Stone ran this profile:

In the mix of women who are pushing the limits of skateboarding, Vasconcellos awes with her unique style of skating – expert handling on half-pipes, effortlessly splicing complicated tricks into vert . . . Her massive backside airs and seamless transitional skating are complimented by Vasconcellos’ comedic personality and antics. “For me, skateboarding is just about being fucking weird and making my friends laugh,” she says.

We should be able to spot California skater Dennis Busenitz who comes in at 6’10”. This seems like it would not be a particular advantage in this sport, but what do I know. What I do know is that his shoes are awesome. [Correction: That height was apparently very wrong. I have since been told that it may be closer to 5’10” which makes much more sense. Although now he will be harder to spot.]

I included details of the history of the Trinity Skatepark, a.k.a. Friends of Adrian Hall, in a prior posting. The park abuts the Trinity Rep Theater.

(File photo by James Lastowski)

Free and open to the public, 4pm to 7pm, Wednesday, August 30, Trinity Skatepark, Adrian Hall Way, (directions)


Brian waiting for the nice lady to leave. (He was super friendly and helpful.)

Oh the humanity.

Hard to photograph this place.

This photo of the skatepark’s wildflower patch is courtesy of park designer and guiding force, William Cornwall. I believe he is largely responsible for the planting and maintaining of the flowers, and promoting our need for pollinators.

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