Weekend In Music

Friday@Dusk, Sire, Sexless Marriage, Razed, Prayer Position, Rabid @Alchemy, A Wilhelm Scream, She Rides, Riverbed, Held Captive @Trinity Beer Garden, the Burning Paris @Union Station Brewery, Vudu Sister

Saturday@the Parlour, Dead Sons, I’m not Crying You’re Crying, the River Provides, Polywog @Dusk, Salem Wolves, the Mood Runners, Balloon Thief, Ghosts in the Snow @Askew, Coma Hole, StarBath, Ziggy Gnardust @the Met, the Mahavishnu Project @News Cafe, Unmen, the Sonce, Toward Space, Vague @the Dirt Palace, Erica Dawn Lyle, Imogen Xtian Smith, more @Union Station Brewery, Ghost Mojo

Sunday@Alchemy, Black Tusk, Leather Lung, Green Sabbath @Askew, Maggie Rose, Mary McAvoy @the Parlour, Atlantic Thrills, Joy Boys, Gamma Rage @Scürvy Dög, (Parking Lot Mega IV, 1pm) Hope Anchor, There, Vudu Sister, Fatal Film, Jonee Earthquake Band, Demon Chrome, I Destroyer, Vicious Ritual, Battery March, Memory Lame, FreakBag @Dusk, First Bourne, Dead Reflections, Slight of Mind, Zaki Ali, Rithiya Henry Khieu

(Photo of Jonee Earthquake Band)

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