New Covid Vaccines Now Available

[Update 9.16.23. Big snafu for many people who had appointments today to get their Covid vaccine — it is not yet being covered by Medicare! So the very people who have been told to go to the front of the line, have to get out of the line altogether. Apparently you may pay for the shot yourself if you want to spend $150+. So, it is technically available. CVS is still letting people register for an appointment even though that person is clearly relying on Medicare. Lots of blame to go around.]

Hooray. And don’t forget about the flu and RSV vaccines — collect them all! From the Rhode Island Department of Health:

Covid-19 vaccines are available at the places where you normally get your vaccines, like doctors’ offices and pharmacies. Use Vaccines.Gov to find Covid-19 vaccines near you. You can search by location and by vaccine type.

Community Clinics: Many school-located vaccination clinics are also open to community members for Covid-19 vaccination. Click here to see the clinic schedule and register for your Covid-19 vaccination today!

The CDC has a useful FAQ page.

CVS requires an appointment, but consider one of the independent operations like the Green Line Apothecary on North Main Street (they welcome walk-ins!). Go get vaxxed then take a seat at the soda fountain and celebrate with a lime rickey, or a phosphate, or maybe an egg cream.


The RIDH reminds the public:

Covid-19 vaccines are available at no out-of-pocket cost. People cannot be charged for a Covid-19 vaccine when vaccination is the only service provided. However, some vaccine providers may ask for insurance information to charge your insurance for the vaccine administration fee. You do not have to have health insurance to get a Covid-19 vaccination.


We wrote about the Green Line when they first opened in 2019.

905 North Main Street

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