Jukebox Fest At Nick-A-Nee’s

(9.17) The outdoor parking lot showcase returns with Jukebox Fest this Sunday at Nick-A-Nee’s on South Street. Organizers describe the event as a “playlist on shuffle.” Music starts at 2pm. Bar is open from 1pm to 1am, cash only (atm on premises). As always the event is free, but throw some cash into the tip buckets for the bands. Here’s the schedule:

2pm: Vudu Sister/ dark goth folk duo
2:45: How’s About Charlie/ folk Americana
3:30: Ben Richard / country bluesy folk jams
4:15: Geo Trio / multi-genre instrumental
5pm: Tall Teenagers / moody fuzz rock
6pm: Hope Anchor / soul-fueled rock & roll
7:30pm: House Combo / songs you know by the ones you love
9pm: Exploding Zones / weird psych
9:45: Sullest / stoner punk
10:30: Twin Foxes/ indie punk
11:15: Fine / grunge pop

There’s lots to like here, but don’t miss the “fuzzed-out alt rock” of Exploding Zones. Recommended if you like the Horrors, Sunflower Bean, Black Angels. Complete disclosure: Drummer Eric Smith was a co-founder of the Providence Daily Dose! But check out the new album on Bandcamp — it is great.

Free, Jukebox Fest, 1pm, Sunday, September 17, Nick-A-Nee’s, 75 South Street, (directions)

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