Speed Cameras Back On

Violations are $50 apiece. Providence’s automated speed cameras came back online this morning and will be activated every school day from 7am to 6pm. Previously installed cameras will start issuing tickets immediately, but some new locations have been added and there will be a grace period at those locations through October. From City Hall:

Cameras in new locations will issue warnings to violators for the first 30 school days in their new locations and violation tickets will be issued starting on November 1st.

The new camera locations include Smith Street at Eaton Street, Hartford Avenue at Longo Street, Prairie Avenue at Ocean Street, Eaton Street at Roslyn Avenue, 812 Douglas Avenue, 961 Eddy Street and Dexter Street at Daboll Street.

Existing camera locations to remain are Union Avenue and Waverly Street, 156 Reservoir Avenue, 500 Hope Street, 93 Cranston Street, 187 Douglas Avenue, 179 Thurbers Avenue eastbound, Blackstone Blvd southbound at University Avenue, across from 331 Hope Street, Bridgham Street at Fales Street, Branch Avenue at Burleigh Street, 417 Charles Street, 301 Butler Avenue, and across from 114 Olney Street.

If a vehicle is determined by the PCU (portable camera unit) to be operating 11mph or more over the speed limit, a violation will automatically be issued. The violation will then be reviewed by Providence Police Officers and Conduent, an outside vendor who manages and maintains the cameras. Once the violation is reviewed for accuracy and the information is verified, it is then mailed to the offender for payment. The first and each subsequent fine is $50.

Go look at the Conduent site — they love what they do!

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