Armenian Food Fest

(9.24) The Armenian Food and Arts Fest takes place this weekend, rain or shine. The event will set up behind the Sts. Vartanantz Church in the parking lot and they will have tents. Gail Ciampa writes in the ProJo:

The largest Armenian festival will feature meals including Chicken, Shish or Losh Kebab with rice pilaf, vegetables and pita bread. There will be packaged pastries, kufta, soujoukh and falafel. Guests enjoy live music, the Hamazkayin Dance Group, vendors and virtual and silent auctions. A beer and wine bar will be set up.

Shish or losh? How to decide. That article includes a picture of small rolls called choregs which my friend’s aunties used to bake all the time; they may not look very exciting but they are real tasty.

This festival is the one that used to take place at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet; they have since stopped hosting big events.

Festival hours: 11am to 9pm, Saturday/11:30am to 6pm, Sunday.

Free, Armenian Food Fest, Saturday, September 23 & Sunday, September 24, 7 Armenia Street, (directions)


The church faces on Broadway between Courtland Street and Armageddon Records. It’s across from where CLUCK used to be.

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