Weekend In Music

Friday@Askew, the Split Squad, the Sonce, Dred Buffalo @the Strand, Oteil and Friends @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Tim Taylor Blues Band @Union Station Brewery, the Whelks @Mayday, Dume, Violet Nox, Cello Candy @the Parlour, Route 44, PonyBoy, Chooch, Pigeon Hole @News Cafe, Pain Chain, Matt Luczak, Lina Azalea, Dei Xhrist, more @PPAC, Van Morrison, Shana Morrison

Saturday@Dusk, Desolate, Ancient Death, New Hell, DBB @Fête Lounge, A Killer’s Confession, Epochsis, Damnation @Fête Ballroom, the Happy Fits, Windser, Hot Freaks @PPAC, Johnny Mathis @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tanya McIntyre and the Professors @Askew, Veronica Lewis, Natalle Blue @Mayday, Grooming, How I Quit Ketamine, Mouths Agape, Divisive, Straight Panic @the Columbus Theatre, Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band @AS220 Main Stage, Haasan Barclay, Bochek, Dru Cutler @the Parlour, the Birkitt Transmissions, Jets Can’t Land, Patsy Decline, the David Tessier All-Star Trio

Sunday@Alchemy, Bad Manners, Out of Control Army, the Euphoralites @Mayday, Don Nothing, Dume, Ruff Feechers, Gnarstradamus @PPAC, Van Morrison @Providence College, (4pm, free) Aaron Larget-Caplan

(Photo of the Split Squad)

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