‘Punks For Pets’ At Nick-A-Nee’s

(9.23) Who’s a good dog? Head down to Nick-A-Nee’s Saturday day for the annual ‘Punks for Pets’ event and find out. This will be outdoors unless it rains and then everybody goes inside. There’s even bands playing: the Agents, Vague, Sourpunch, Starbath, Shirley Drive, Musclecah, and Crossbite.

The wish list below is your ticket in. “Monetary donations will be used to buy what donations we did not receive or be donated to animal welfare organizations. All donations go to local animal shelters and/or organizations.” Normally we would prefer that the organizations be specifically named, but these people have been doing this for a while now . . . they are not trying to scam you out of your mealworms. Here’s their wish list:

Dog food, puppy food, cat food, kitten food
Kitten milk, kitty litter, dog treats, cat treats
Toys, paper towels, free-and-clear laundry detergent (no scent)
Lysol wipes, ferret hammocks, martingale harnesses

Small animal food, bird food, bird toys
Small animal bedding, clean blankets, dried mealworms

Do good while having fun.

Noon to 7pm, Saturday, September 23, Nick-A-Nee’s, South Street, (directions)

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