Weekend In Music

Friday@the Parlour, Artist Jackie and the Wizard, Sourpunch, Foul Weather Friend, Wild Sundays @Fête Lounge, Møaa, Ceremony East Coast, Tremours @Fête Ballroom, Maureen Langan, Al Lubel, Shaun Eli @Nick-A-Nee’s, Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage @Alchemy, RA the Rugged Man, Young Zee @Askew, Buffalo Nichols, Pete Bernhard @Union Station Brewery, They Were Robots @Dusk, Casting Shadows, Led to Believe, Continuum, A Thousand Autumns, Intake, From Ashes Reborn

Saturday@Nick-A-Nee’s, Rory and the Blueshounds @the Parlour, Heidi Nirk Band @the Met, Smells Like Nirvana @Alchemy, Chris Knight, Daniel Miller @Dusk, Usurp Synapse, Frail Body, Meth, Amitie, more @Narragansett Brewery, (record release) Sharks Come Cruisin

Sunday@Dusk, Diablagato, Ash and Bone, Eclectic Electric, Animal Face, SexCoffee @Fête Lounge, Mint Green, Lady Pills, Mutter @Fête Ballroom, Emmure, Bodysnatcher, Archetypes Collide @Askew, Jason Eady, the Midnight Choir @Mayday, Z Boys, Bedside Manor Mochitsuki, Aldia @North Burial Ground, Mausoleum Sessions

(Photo of Sourpunch)

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