Early Voting Has Started — Vote For Gabe Amo!

Do not leave this to chance! The opposition has proven to be depressingly motivated. Gabe Amo, the Democratic candidate for Congress, does have a built-in advantage running in Rhode Island’s historically blue U.S. District 1, but the stakes are so high. This being a special election in an off-year — former Congressman David Cicilline stepped down in June — the turnout will be low, and the winning margin could be small. You can’t sit this one out!

The situation in Washington has become dire. The newly elected Republican Speaker of the House isn’t just an election denier but “As the Architect of Sedition, Mike Johnson led the charge to invalidate the 2020 election in the House and helped to incite the bloodshed of January 6th.” Johnson is a Christian nationalist (he blames school shootings on the teaching of evolution) who championed Louisiana’s extreme abortion legislation, a near-total ban which allows physicians to be fined or jailed for performing the procedure. He tweeted at its passing, “Perform an abortion and get imprisoned at hard labor for 1-10 yrs & fined $10K-$100K.” This man is frightening and he is second in line, behind the Vice President, to become President should the President be unable to fulfill his duties.

Gabe Amo seeks to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law saying, “No member of Congress should stand between a woman and her doctor.” He will work for a ban on assault-style weapons. And he will protect Social Security and Medicare. Go to Gabe’s position page to see where he stand on all the issues.

District 1 residents can go to the Secretary of State’s page. “How to vote early before election day.”  Most cities and towns host early voting at the local board of canvassers, typically found in the city hall. Get it done ahead of time, and then if you happen to get sick on November 7th, it will already be done.

Providence residents: They are all ready and waiting on the first floor of Providence City Hall — I just did it and it took about 5 minutes.

VOTE for Gabe Amo!

(Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th.)


In Providence there is nothing else on the ballot.

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