RI Comic-Con

(11.5) I always love the eclectic blend of unrelated celebrities at these Cons, drawing as they do on the worlds of movies, television, and wrestling, both animated and live action. And then there’s the comics. The RI Comic-Con is presenting a very strong field year: Christina Ricci, Charlie Hunnam, Gina Gershon, John Ratzenberger, Shannen Doherty, Walter Koenig, Levar Burton, Linda Hamilton, Lou Ferrigno, Seth Green, Ron Perlman, much of the Breakfast Club — Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Ally Sheedy — and this year’s wildcard . . . Randy Quaid. Go here for a list of Celebrity Guests.

There are of course artists, writers, and creators on the schedule: Christopher Priest, Ben Bishop, and Tom Cook. And there are special events including guest panels and cosplay.

I am particularly excited about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog “enabled by Robert Smigel.” What does that mean exactly? Will Mr. Smigel be behind a couch?

Bob Eubanks is getting $50 for an autograph . . . imagine that.

November 3-5, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, RI Convention Center & the AMP, 1 Sabin Street, (directions)

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