Cheer Up With Comedy

(11.19) Soothe your aching brain this weekend with some silly smart comedy. The only one of these performers that I have seen live is Maria Bamford and she is great. She initially presents as a bubbly blond complete with girly voice, but it soon becomes clear that she’s got an edge, and several sharp corners . . . and Rasputin resides somewhere behind those adorable baby-blues.

All of these performers have been around for a while now, appearing in comedy and animated series, stand-up specials, and appearances on radio and late night talk shows (Handler hosted her own), so people have formed their own opinions by now.

A good night of comedy can really lift the spirits. There are several opportunities for having a laugh in and around town this weekend.


Maria Bamford at the Greenwich Odeum. Show starts at 8pm, Saturday, November 18. Emily Rustowski opens.

Brian Posehn at the Columbus Theatre. Show starts 8pm, Saturday, November 18.


Chelsea Handler at the Vets. Show starts 7pm, Sunday, November 19.

Hari Kandabolu at the Columbus Theatre. Show starts at 8pm, Sunday, November 19.


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