Week In Music

Monday@Mayday, the Drin, Crime of Passing, Lookers and Happiness

Tuesday@Columbus Theatre, (sold out) Blind Pilot @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Dan Moretti Quartet, George Leonard

Wednesday@Nick-A-Nee’s, the Suqnots @Mayday, Retrograth, Don Nothing, Sad Noise @Red Ink, Elijah Berlow, Troubador Davis, Cassie Lee

Thursday@Fête Lounge, Loudsounds, the Burning Paris, Not Bad Not Well, the Rupert Selection @Red Ink, Ohly, Marou, Number One Babe @Dusk, UGLY, Jake Wasson Malpractice, Have Fun!, Electric Paisan @the Parlour, Chooch, Artist Jackie’s Face Eraser, Shmegegge @News Cafe, Twin Foxes, Gaud, Meridian

(Photo of Not Bad Not Well)

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