Providence Welcomes The Navy

The annual Army-Navy Game won’t be played until December 9th (this year at Gillette Stadium) but the competition has already begun. Both sides have revealed the newly-designed uniforms their players will be wearing on game day, and they are pretty awesome.

The Naval Academy team will be spending the night before the big game down here in Providence in the RI Convention Center. From the ProJo:

For one night only, the Rhode Island Convention Center won’t be hosting business functions, but more than 700 midshipmen and midshipwomen who will stay in makeshift barracks before heading off to the 124th Army-Navy football game.

And to make sure they all get a good night’s sleep, the AMP has scheduled a WWE Smackdown right next door. Shouldn’t it have been the Quilters of America convention or something?

The Navy and Under Armour have collaborated on the new Silent Service uniform honoring the submariners of the Navy. For sheer badassery, Navy wins. More pix at Boston Globe. Shop Navy here.

Each helmet is hand painted with the right side depicting a Virginia Class Submarine underwater and the left side depicting Navy’s customary Navy anchor with the submariner pin integrated into it with color changing pragmatic paint.

From Sports Illustrated:

“The entire uniform is flooded with Eclipse Navy (UA’s darkest shade of navy blue) to mimic the covert design of a submarine hull,” the school’s website for the new uniforms reads. “The uniform was purposefully designed to embody the Force’s nickname: Silent Service. The overall design was intended to be simple and utilitarian to convey the stealth purposes of a submarine’s design.”

But I also love the new look for the Army. In a collaboration with Nike, the 2023 Army West Point uniforms tell the story of the Dogface Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division during the opening phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It features the ‘Rocky the Bulldog’ mascot designed by Walt Disney himself in 1965.

The 3rd Infantry Division gained the right to display Rocky through an exchange of letters between Disney Productions and the 3rd Infantry Division commander at the time . . . Rocky harkens to the official 3rd ID song, “Dogface Soldier,” which 3rd ID soldiers continue to sing every morning at formation.

More pix at Boston Globe. Go to Rock of the Marne for details. Shop Army here.

Game airs on Saturday, December 9th, on CBS. Coverage begins 2:30pm. Kickoff at 3pm.


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