Weekend In Music

Friday@the Parlour, the Figgs, Western Stars @Greenwich Odeum, (sold out) the Fixx @Union Station Brewery, Diamond Blues @Lost Valley, Appala’s Eclipse, Hopeless Romantics, Dog Tree @Myrtle, Dave Richards Band @Mayday, Brown Apples, Pucker, the Sonce, Salem Wolves @Dusk, Oxblood Forge

Saturday@Nick-A-Nee’s, Chris Monti @Dusk, Evil Empire (Rage tribute) @USB, Matty Odabashian and Steve Donovan @Myrtle, the McAdams Brothers, Ghost Mojo, BEAN @AS220 Main Stage, Lastself, StarBath, Grizzlies, Meridian @Alchemy, If Not For Me, Monument of a Memory, For The Better, Minutes Unsettled, Elizabory @News Cafe, the Jake Wasson Malpractice, the James III, Leatherax, Job Creators @Mayday, DUME, Blues Dream Box, Milky Maze

Sunday@Myrtle, the Whelks @Dusk, Grotesqueries, New Hell @Poindexter Cafe, (2pm) Steve Allain, Mary McAvoy, Ben Shaw

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