AS220 December Galleries

The opening reception for the AS220 December Galleries was something special, featuring as it did a family reunion and their new band: art installation as teen dance party. They even had snacks. The wall text informs us that “The Con Artist Family Reunion features work spanning 34 years by eight family members of various ages and artistic training. Alana, Ryan, Polly, Fredda, Russell, Tamara, Stanley and Iris.” The hope is that this event can help mend a century-old family feud.

Main Gallery, 115 Empire Street — The Conlin Family: The Con Artist Family Reunion: Where Art and Mischief Meet. “A visceral art extravaganza exploring the interdisciplinary practices of The Conlin Family, featuring two parents, an eight-year-old, and three cousins. [That’s not eight, but who’s counting?] Through exhibiting various works and interactive installations.”

Aborn Gallery, 93 Mathewson Street — Jim Chapin & Friends: Jelly Side Up

AS220 Project Space, 93 Mathewson Street — Marjorie Hellman: From the Catalogue of Lost Parts

Resident Gallery, 131 Washington  Street — LUMUKU: As Ever

Seen here are digital prints by Polly Con: Eyeball Dog and Happy Polly Grid.

Regular gallery hours: Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5pm. More pix at AS220 Galleries IG.

Through December 23, AS220 Main Gallery, 115 Empire Street, (directions)


The Conlin Family provided snacks and live music! I spoke with the mother who I believe said the band was calling itself Cross I-ed. This was their first performance and we thought they were pretty good.


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