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The Washington Bridge is really two bridges. The eastbound side was updated not too long ago, and that’s why we are not worrying about it. This image was taken from the sidewalk on Gano Street. (Warning: Do not dawdle where you see the piles of pigeon poop.) Antonia Noori Farzan has the bridge history at the ProJo:

. . . the eastbound bridge was built in the mid-2000s, but looks older because it incorporates historic materials from the previous bridge.

Because the eastbound bridge was rebuilt within the last 15 years, it doesn’t have the same problems that were found on the westbound bridge, Rhode Island Department of Transportation Director Peter Alviti said at a Tuesday news conference.

Very encouraging is the news from today’s press conference. Both the Governor and RIDOT Director Peter Alviti seem confident that the two bypass lanes will be ready by Saturday morning . . . and that is huge! Alviti reminds us that those two lanes will not bring us back to where we were before the closing, with the original three and four lanes, so slowdowns can be expected at rush hour. (WPRI)

They are still developing plans for ferry service between Bristol and Providence.

In my walkabout earlier today (not rush hour) I observed traffic moving along pretty well, even on Gano Street. It still gets clotted up a bit on Angell where cars have to make that left, but not too bad really. Police officers are controlling traffic at Wayland Square very well. I drove through will virtually no delay.

Please know that, other than the immediate Wayland Square area, the East Side is functioning quite well (although businesses are having shipping and delivery problems).

Whichever side of the bridge you live on, support your local small businesses!

Small businesses are being encouraged to describe their difficulties at the small business helpline: 521-HELP, or 521-4357.



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