Meet The Artist — AS220 Project Space

(12.16) Artist Marjorie Hellman will be at the AS220 Project Space Saturday afternoon to discuss her practice and current collection of work, “From the Catalogue of Lost Parts.” The exhibit will be up through December 23.

Focusing on the dichotomy between painting as a flat object and depicting dimensional forms, “Lost Parts” by local RI artist Marjorie Hellman examines contrasting colors and illusions of abstraction. A process involving close observations of the natural and artificial world, this collection of paintings and drawings applies the simplicity of line and the complexities of color usage.

These paintings seem to glow. She describes her process:

In my intention to feature color rather than paint action or texture, I create a smooth, flat surface on a hard substrate by applying multiple coats of acrylic colors, achieving an opaque, yet luminous skin. My aim is to make the hand seem absent, to challenge the viewer to think about how a painting was made, and to ponder and appreciate the process, without clues such as obvious brush strokes.

That was exactly my response. See more of these luminescent pieces at IG.

Gallery hours: Noon to 5pm, Thursday thru Saturday.

Meet the Artist, 2pm to 5pm, Saturday, December 16, AS220 Project Space, 93 Mathewson Street, (directions)

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