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Gone. The last of the Angell Street Three has been razed to the ground. All that remains is rubble and questions for city officials. No one seems to know who ordered the demolition nor what is planned for this space. The Mayor has released this statement: “At this time, there are no active proposals for these properties.” Adding insult to injury is seeing what was hidden beneath the vinyl siding for so many years. Look at the detailing.

The ProJo traced the ownership to “The Corporation Trust Company,” an LLC registered with the state, but no one seems clear on who requested the demolitions, nor what the company plans to do with the site.

Developer Edward Bishop had previously pitched one of his so-called Smart Hotels on the land. However, irate neighbors pushed back, as did city officials, who would not allow the project to move forward because of zoning rules and a lack of space for parking. Bishop’s LLC bore a name very much like that of the current owner: 217 Angell Investments.

Neighborhood resident Chris Tompkins had this thoughtful comment:

“This is an incident that would’ve happened in the 1950s,” Tompkins said. “Providence used to be a national leader in historic preservation. We’re now going backwards and dismantling what makes Providence unique.”

These buildings add so much to the architectural texture of the neighborhood, and they will inevitably be replaced by more of the “anytown architecture” currently blighting the city. Each of these structures, built in the late 1800s, was part of the College Hill Historic District.

This side of Angell Street is in Ward 1, represented by Councilman John Goncalves. Across the street is Ward 2 represented by Councilwoman Helen Anthony. When the demolition signs first went up in November, they made efforts to intercede. The timing is suspect what with the holidays around the corner. We wrote it up at the time.



From November: 209 Angell Street is on the right.

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