Summer Flea Must Move

The Summer Flea, held for years along the boardwalk on South Water Street, will have to find a new location this year. The 195 District Commission has awarded Parcel 1A to another multistory, mixed-use building. The Providence Flea announced the sad news:

. . . we were disappointed to learn our plan to maximize open green space and further activate the waterfront was not chosen by the 195 District Commission for Parcel 1A, the site we’ve been activating since 2013. . . . Recognizing the contributions of the Flea to the district, however, the Commission wrote the Flea into the enabling resolution with a right to set up in District Park across the new pedestrian bridge, pursuant to park rules and regs.
What does this mean for the summer Flea? “The devil is in the details, so we’ll be carefully evaluating the next location to make sure it’s the right one for all of us.” See the winning bidder at Stack + Co. whom the Flea most graciously congratulated.

The Flea had submitted their own proposal for the site. It was quite popular.:

First, thanks to everyone who supported our proposal, the Providence Open Marketplace, called the “people’s choice winner” by one Flea follower because it got over 4,000 likes and 300 comments of approval and encouragement from our local community on social media.

This generic, Jenga style of mixed-use construction is cropping up all around town, but we had hoped for something more inspired for the parcels right on the river. The Dose had supported the Flea proposal back in November and we appreciate their effort. Now Flea organizers have to find a new location — not an easy task in such a short time — and they invite your suggestions.

Meanwhile: The Flea kicks off its winter/spring season at Farm Fresh on Sims Avenue, Sunday, February 4.

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