Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Black Beach, Film and Gender, Kidzu, Vertigo @Askew, Dan Bern, Matt York @the Parlour, Carlton Livingston

Tuesday@Nick-A-Nee’s, Blues Junior, George Leonard @Dusk, Hemingway, Neglected Witches, Stubborn Hearts, Elizabory

Wednesday@Fête Ballroom, Anees, Michael Minelli @Nick-A-Nee’s, Pretty Saro @Dusk, Demon Chrome, Dysthymia, Epochsis, Teazer

Thursday@the Strand, Dinosaur Jr, Das Damen @AS220 Main Stage, Dead Necessity, Places Like Home, Depopulate Montana, Dogwalker, Arms Reach, Nithan Gohok @Nick-A-Nee’s, South Coast Brass Band @Myrtle, Avi Jacob, Allysen Callery, Chris Brokaw @News Cafe, Gnarnia, Nymbus, Wave Goodbye

(Photo of Neglected Witches)

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