Weekend In Music

Friday@Dusk (final evening), Everything Dies, I Destroyer, Stress Angel, Prayer Position, Death Vanish, Wolfhex @News Cafe, Satine, Socially Problematic Children, Dethwish, the Park Hill Romance @Alchemy, Pyrexia, Immortal Suffering, Goreality, Necronomichrist, Maidenhead @Union Station Brewery, Storms @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Red Bridge Band @Askew, StarBath, Wyn Doran and the White Light, Little Fuss @the Parlour, (5pm) Heidi Nirk Band @AS220 Main Stage, Scaffolding, Sclera, Brian 4 Ever, Vertigo

Saturday@Fête Lounge, Jake Hunsinger and the Rock Bottom Band, Mick Casey, Houston Bernard @Nick-A-Nee’s, Sourpunch, Adapter Adapter, Ghost Mojo, the Parkwoods @Union Station Brewery, Matty Odabashian, Adam Newell @AS220 Main Stage, Vesolo, Noeisgirl, Adaa, Chrome Christ, Gas War II @Black Lace, Bochek, Sequela, Infinity Knives, Brian Ennels, Jesse the Tree @Askew, the Golden Years of Dutch Pop, Atticus Allen, High Yield @the Parlour, the Quahogs, Smith & Weeden, Lookers (6pm) the Carleans @News Cafe, Hate Lord, Burt Bacharach, Vomit Dolls, Fate, Rigamortus

Sunday@the Parlour, Obsidian State of Mind, Gina Fritz, Aaron Lehton, Luis Zermeno @Askew, Cavalier, Bicycle Inn, Sunday Morning

(Photo of Adapter Adapter)

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