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Meet Park Ranger Sparkle Bryant. She originally hails from New Jersey where she studied history at New Jersey City University. Sparkle agreed to answer a few questions for Dose readers.

PDD: How did you end up in the park service here in Providence?

SB: I had been looking for something to do while I was studying American history in college. My guidance counselor found an internship at Morristown National Historical Park and I was able to stay there for the rest of my college career. At that time the park service had a program for college students where we were able to be on the same status as veterans and apply to different positions throughout the park service.

PDD: Was this a posting you were interested in?

SB: I had just graduated college . . . I was into adventure.


In October, Sparkle will have been a ranger at the Roger Williams National Memorial for 26 years! She arrived not knowing a single person in town, and now she has plenty of friends and that very cool hat. If you like history and adventure, go to the National Park Service for information.

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In the meantime, head over to the Roger Williams National Memorial and visit. Sparkle is seen here leaning against the wheelchair ramp which they had installed during the quarantine.

Follow RWNM on Facebook where they frequently post interesting old photos, like the one up now from the Blizzard of ’78. It features an unrecognizable stretch between Canal and North Main Street being used as an emergency parking lot. The National Memorial was developed a few years later and is now filled with tall shade trees, a sweeping lawn, and the Visitor Center. The site includes the freshwater spring which was the center of the settlement of Providence Plantations, founded by Williams in 1636.

Winter hours: 10am to 4pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

RWNM, 282 North Main Street, (directions)



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