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(2.9) Take another look at the life and influence of Brian Jones when “The Stones and Brian Jones” premieres Thursday at the Columbus. While key figures like Mick, Keith, and Marianne Faithful appear only through archival footage, director Nick Broomfield did get an interview with the decidedly problematic (and I do not use that word lightly) Bill Wyman. From the review in Roger Ebert:

. . . the great one he got from original Stones bassist Bill Wyman is worth the price of admission. Wyman has long credited Jones with the band’s formation and generally defended him against the Jagger-Richards party line. Here, he is the one interviewee who speaks eloquently of Jones’ musical contributions to the early Stones records.

As to Jones’s death, no one needs an explanation as to why a man taking tuinals and quaaludes should have been kept away from swimming pools, nonetheless, a theory that Jones had been murdered by an angry worker on his property — a not-completely-crazy version of events told in the 2005 drama, “Stoned” — began circulating. Broomfield does not cover this topic here.

Readers of Keith Richard’s excellent autobiography “Life” will remember his many generous comments about Jones’s talents. But he also noted what a complete jerk Jones could be, missing recording sessions as well as performances. Everyone agrees that Jones’s insecurities left him vulnerable to the pernicious effects of fame. Add money and drugs, stir well.

Running time: 1 hour, 33 minutes.

The upstairs theater at the Columbus is great for movies: intimate, fine sound and projection, bar downstairs.

(Recommended additional viewing for Stones fans is the 4-part docuseries “My Life as a Rolling Stone” with one episode each for Mick (speaks French, who knew), Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie Watts. All good, but do not miss Charlie Watts!)

GA $12, The Stones and Brian Jones, 7:30pm, Thursday, February 8, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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  1. I got to see The Stones & Brian Jones documentary on the big screen last year. Nick Broomfield, Bill Wyman, and Paul Trynka definitely made sure Brian’s musical contributions were front and center; I even heard audience members saying afterward that Brian should have received more credit. The women in Brian’s life were a very strong presence throughout the documentary, which is awesome. And most of all, the lesson I took away is, when you see someone having a hard time in life, be a friend. Say something. Just be kind. ❤

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