Dragon Stamp — Prov Artist Camille Chew

The latest stamp in the Lunar New Year series, this one celebrating the Year of the Dragon, features the work of Providence artist Camille Chew. We first met Camille in 2020 at the unveiling of the rat stamp, an event hosted by representatives of the United States Postal Service; it was the first of the twelve stamps in this Lunar New Year series. At that time, Camille was still completing her MFA in printmaking and illustration at RISD. Happily, she chose to stick around and make Providence her home.

The image on the stamp is a photograph of a mask fabricated by Chew. The ProJo report suggests that her creative process has remained basically the same:

For the stamp, Chew “constructed the dragon mask out of hand-printed paper, then cut, scored, and folded it into shape,” a press release said. “She embellished the mask with acrylic paint and other paper elements, like flowers and tassels, and covered the back of the mask in a layer of papier-mâché. The completed mask was photographed on a white background.”

How did this all come about? As we reported back in 2020:

According to the postal service quarterly, USA Philatelic, postal art director Antonio Alcalá was tipped off to Chew’s artwork by his 20-year-old artist daughter who was a fan. The postal art team had wanted to put a new spin on what would be the third in the Lunar New Year series, and Alcalá thought Chew’s animal-deity masks could be just the thing.

Below is a photo from the rat stamp celebration. People were still smiling in February of 2020.


Tee shirts and hoodies featuring the artwork are for sale.

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