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Filming on Lorraine Avenue is scheduled to end tomorrow, at least that was the scuttlebutt among the neighbors and onlookers today. Directed by James L. Brooks, “Ella McCay” stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Woody Harrelson. Other cast members include Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”and “Welcome to Chippendales”) and Boston native Ayo Edebiri who is having a heck of a year, having recently won the Golden Globe and an Emmy for “The Bear.”

Emma Mackey (“Barbie”) plays the lead role of an idealistic young politician struggling with work/life balance while preparing to take over for her mentor, the state’s longtime incumbent governor. There will be filming at the State House at some point. The character lives in the white house in this picture. And they have built a set inside the Cranston Street Armory.

Extras needed: Angela Peri of Boston Casting is handling the search for extras.

Be advised: There is a lot of standing around and waiting on these movie sets . . . no celeb sightings today. But the neighbors all say the crew has been friendly and thoughtful and everybody seemed to be enjoying the whole thing.


Why is it called “craft services”? From Wiki:

Craft service or craft services is the department in film, television and video production which provides cast and crew with snacks, drinks and other assistance.

Craft service workers are nicknamed “crafties” because they provide their services to the other departments, known as crafts, in a set. In the United States and Canada they are represented by a union, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

On offer today: PB & J, yogurt, fruit cup, meat & cheese stick (?), roast beef sandwich, the short rib Guinness stew, and York peppermint patties.



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  1. If anyone cares, it looks like the James L. Brooks Movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and Woody Harrelson will be filming on Hart St. on the East Side Monday – Wednesday this week. Just a guess.

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