Movie Crew On Broadway

Props to the props crew. The faded plastic signs up on the corner of the building look like they’ve been there since Helen’s opened back in ’72, but they went up on Thursday. Filming for “Ella McCay” has moved to Broadway near Almy Street for a few days. The “new” Helen’s 445 is so convincing that a few locals were briefly fooled. One neighbor spoke to the ProJo:

“I got really excited,” she told The Providence Journal. “I came home and told my partner the new place opened up. He always likes going to new places.”

They started to make plans for a visit, but the hours weren’t listed online.

Neither was the restaurant.

The Google Maps image shows an empty storefront. Upstairs is different story. The building was recently listed at Zillowa walker’s paradise! — but is now off the market. The ProJo adds:

Producers are keeping their filming schedule confidential . . . Filming for the movie started Monday in a quiet neighborhood off Blackstone Boulevard on the city’s East Side. It will continue into April.

We also covered that earlier East Side location. Celebrities spotted thus far: Zero.


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