New Marketing Campaign Is ‘All That’

The state has rolled out a new tourism marketing campaign: “All That.” It features six short videos designed to make the state look inviting and exciting and it largely succeeds. The videos are fairly typical of the genre but well executed. (View at the Boston Globe.)

The short video montages have been edited at a seizure-inducing pace with lively musical accompaniments: baroque piano, chamber music, and a jazzy, rap-sounding riff that makes it seem like Rhode Island must a great place to be young. The footage includes the coastline, Temple to Music, sailboats, Westminster Street, the Breakers, Block Island, people eating, people drinking. Happily, the ProJo was able to slow things down enough to capture some of the featured eateries:

Another more food-focused ad states, “All Fresh. All That,” and features footage from recognizable landmarks including Pizza J, The Chanler, West Side Diner, Moniker Brewery, and Gee Gee’s Southern Cuisine.

I had never heard of Gee Gee’s, which I will definitely be checking out . . . so the campaign is already working!

I have no complaints with this campaign; it is much like the ones we see here from other states. Of course, nothing will beat the 2018 Fun-Sized campaign executed by our own NAIL Communications, but it is certainly better than the Cooler and Warmer disaster which featured skateboarding in Iceland. I also did not care for the airport stuffie campaign; they didn’t even look like food. On the other hand, I did hear about sightings from friends.

So let’s see if we hear from people that we are indeed, “All That.”


The ‘All Good Times: All That’ video features a brief glimpse of a musician I believe to be Rafay Rashid. The talented Rashid  has fronted garage pop rockers Ravi Shavi for years, plays in Happiness sometimes, and released a solo album last summer. And he fell off of Prospect Terrace once. (Prospect Terrace is also featured in the marketing campaign, but not because of that.)

The six videos can also be found on Vimeo.

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