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Signs for the Fox Point East Side Little League have been sprouting up around town. Registration is open to kids ages 4-12 who live or attend school on the East Side of Providence. I love that the team has embraced the image of the Crook Point Bascule as their logo. It makes perfect sense — the bridge is visible from their park — but it must take some explaining at their away games. It’s a rusty old railroad bridge that’s stuck open and everybody likes it. We don’t know why, we just do.

The season begins in late April and ends in early June. Click here for information about the four divisions: Tee Ball, ages 4-6/ AA Coach Pitch, ages 6-8/ AAA Player Pitch, ages 8-10/ Majors, ages 10-12.

The website has some empty fields concerning this year’s season. But I’m sure their mission is the same:

Fox Point East Side Little League is one of the oldest, continually chartered Little League Associations in the country. Our mission is to instill in the youth of the Fox Point East Side Little League a love for the game of baseball and an understanding of the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship (both on and off the ball field).

The park can be accessed at the intersection of Gano and Power Streets or from the walking path (hop on behind Eastside Market). More at FPESLL Facebook.

Gano AAA Field, 260 Power Street, (directions)


That’s the bascule. The bike path is just past that little blue hut.


BASCULE UPDATE: Back in 2019 RIDOT revealed its future plans for demolishing the bascule.

Tucked into the state’s latest 10-year transportation improvement plan known as RhodeWorks, which became law in 2016, $6 million is earmarked to demolish the Crook Point Bridge in 2026-27.

Following pushback from the public, then Mayor Jorge Elorza suggested that perhaps something imaginative might be done and held a competition, asking for design submissions. In June of 2021 a winner was announced.

By July of 2022, plans had been put on hold; funding had gotten complicated. At that time, mayoral candidate Brett Smiley expressed support for preserving the bridge. (ProJo 7.18.22)

With the term-limited Elorza now less than six months away from leaving office, the fate of the bridge now almost certainly rests with whoever wins this fall’s upcoming mayoral election.

However . . . as we are all painfully aware, one half of the Washington Bridge had to be shut down last December and may need complete replacing. I suspect that the Crook Point Bascule has fallen to the bottom of the everyone’s to-do list.

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