Brown Brain Fair

(3.16) Want to touch a brain? You know you do. Brain Waves RI will be hosting another Brown Brain Fair this Saturday at the Engineering Research Center.

Brain fairs feature 40+ tables with games and fun activities. Meet scientists and clinicians, learn about local colleges and programs, and pick up information about community resources.

Touch a real human brain, measure your brain waves, or try on some distortion goggles, among other fun activities!

The Brown Brain Fair is a collaboration between Brain Waves Rhode Island, Brown Brain Bee (undergraduate student club), and the Neuroscience Graduate Program. Since 2016, it has brought nearly 700 yearly visitors to campus to learn about the brain.

In front of the building is “Infinite Possibility,” the first permanent installation designed by students — the Brown STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) group — to be approved by Brown’s Public Art Committee.

The sundial takes the shape of a Mobius strip, a loop with a half twist and age-old mathematical curiosity. Each day at 12 noon (11 a.m. during the winter months), the sun will shine through a small hole on one side of the structure, casting a bead of light on the inner surface of the loop. Over the course of a year, that bead of light will move across the surface with the position of the noontime sun over College Hill, tracing along a figure-eight-shaped diagram of the sun’s path called an analemma.

Brain Fair, 10am to 2pm, Saturday, March 16, Brown Engineering Research Center, 345 Brook Street, (directions)

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