And We’re Off — Four Eggs In Nesting Box

A fourth egg has appeared in the peregrine nesting box atop the Superman building downtown. Keep an eye on their progress on the live webcam maintained by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

The nesting box provides weeks of action-packed wildlife entertainment as we wait for the eggs to hatch and watch as the parents fly pigeon carcasses in for feeding. Then there is banding day! And finally, there are the nerve-wracking days spent watching the youngsters flap around the roof top getting ready for take-off.

The female is the larger of the two birds, but it is hard to see unless the two are together. More details are available at the webcam page.

Most of the time, the falcon sitting on the eggs will be the female, but there will be times when she leaves and the male will take over the “egg-sitting” duties. Typically, the female relies heavily on her mate to provide food periodically during incubation and consistently for the first 10 days after the eggs hatch.

We have the 401 Gives day coming up; why not donate now. Go here for updates on their Facebook page.

All is quiet on this foggy morning; this photo was taken a few days ago. Go here for live webcam.

Work converting this former bank building into apartments began last fall (ProJo 11.4.23). The peregrines seem blissfully unaware; they secured the penthouse decades ago.

(Peter Green of Providence Raptors has been tracking and documenting the falcon pairs since 2000!)

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