Opening Reception — World’s Fair Gallery

Meet Francesca Colonia and Giulia Nicolai, printmakers visiting from Rome. They were setting up today at the World’s Fair Gallery in preparation for Friday’s opening reception of their exhibition. For the past ten years they have been inviting international artists to collaborate with them at BetterPress Lab, a unique letterpress studio located in Rome. “Truth and Resistance” will feature these collaborations through April 20.

The reason Francesca and Giulia are in town is the larger event taking place this Wednesday through Saturday at the Convention Center ::: The SGC International “Verified by Proof.”

The SGC International annual conference brings together over 1,000 printmakers and arts professionals in all stages of their careers. We look forward to bringing our Conference back to New England for the first time since SGC 2003 Boston: Making Histories: Revolution & Representation.

Francesca explains, “It’s an international foundation that organizes all over the USA . . . every year a different theme where artists, especially printers, are called to speak about a theme. For example, this year the theme is the fake news, so the title is “Verified by Proof.”

In conjunction with the conference, the Providence Public Library is hosting exhibitions by AS220 Community Printshop master printmaking expert Jacques Bidon as well as Detroit letterpress printer Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. whose exhibition was organized with Dan Wood of DWRI Letterpress here in town (his “The Linotype Daily” helped get us through a tough year) and Allison Bianco, in collaboration with SGCI.

Keep up with events at the World’s Fair Gallery at IG.

Opening Reception, 6pm to 8pm, Friday, April 6, World’s Fair Gallery, 268 Broadway, (directions)


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