Weekend In Music

Friday@Askew, Muddy Ruckus, Fancy Trash @Myrtle, Soapbox Saints, Greenwood Hi-Fi @the Met, Hayley Jane Band, Lee Ross @the Narrows, Martin Sexton @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Teledynes @Alchemy, Sire, New Hell, Troll Milk, Deprogrammer Cult, the Outlourdes, Blasphemaddicts @the Strand, San Pacho, Riordan @Black Lace, Sword 2, Bochek, Sequela, Mutter, Lady Alone @AS220 Main Stage, This Body, Clifford, Leatherrax, Kal Marks @Union Station Brewery, Divey, Thee Phibbs @AS220 Black Box, Sun Urchins, Chimes of Bayonets, Scaffolding, Unmen @Wes Rib House, Eric and the Nothing, Rhumbline

Saturday@News Cafe, Dred Buffalo, Starbath, Yonks, Grizzlies @AS220 Main Stage, Hopeless Otis, Greatest Failure, In the Mean Time, Hemingway @the Met, Brothers All Band @the Narrows, Nervous Eaters, Robin Lane @Nick-A-Nee’s, Steve Snuffer and Green Eyed Soul @Alchemy, (5:30pm) the Requiem, Silenus, Geronimostilton, Mind Body Problem @News Cafe, (2pm) Man Eat Horse, Amanita, Airbag, Hung, Dogwalker @the AMP, Nelson Freitas, Neyna, Yung Wylin, more @AS220 Black Box, Moosecreek Park, Oolong, Olde Pine, Hermit @Myrtle, Thalia Zedek Band, Quattracenta, Rip Room, (2pm) Lady Anemola, Melogreen, Dyr Faser

Sunday@USB, (6pm, free) Jake Hunsinger @the Met, Bob’s Heart of Gold Band @AS220 Black Box, Friendly Spectres, Aldia, Craow, Snowbeasts @Nick-A-Nee’s, (4pm) Ginny and the Ginboys @Askew, (1pm, free) Funky Submarine @AS220 Main Stage, Dreamwell, Catalyst, Emoclew, Keke, Seven Basic Plots, Common Sage @Alchemy, Cwaf, Razed, Zero Survive, Burt Bacharach @Myrtle, Setting, Lake of Field, the Moonbellies @the Parlour, Stiletto Torpedo, Alec Redfearn

(Photo of Dred Buffalo)

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