Record Store Day

(4.20) Saturday, April 20, is National Record Store Day, and with it comes special releases from both new and established artists, some in unusual formats or unusual colors, some with hidden tracks. There are also packaged specials: attention Beatles fans. Store owners submit requests but are never quite sure what they will end up with.

I checked in with Ben at the Armageddon Shop on Broadway and he had placed an order “for a bunch of things appropriate to the shop . . . classic rock, some metal stuff, indie rock, probably some world, and jazz and blues stuff.”  Open since January 2001, Armageddon has developed a reputation for carrying even the most obscure punk, hardcore, noise, industrial titles, and “everything else” (like ‘Windy’ by the Association).

And being supporters of the local scene, they “carry as much local music as possible, as consistently as possible.” They also stock CDs, cassettes, videos, and magazines.

Go buy some records!

(We are also big fans of Kevin over at Olympic Records on Wickenden Street.)

RSD, Saturday, April 20, Armageddon Shop, 436 Broadway, (directions)


Lovely facade.

Not exactly elf-on-a-shelf, but keeping people honest nonetheless.



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