‘Problemista’ At Columbus

(4.26) Those not familiar with comedian Julio Torres might benefit from this description in the New York Times review of his new film, “Problemista,” playing Friday night at the Columbus Theatre.

The comedian Julio Torres presents himself like an alien from outer space, an unsmiling observer of Earth paraphernalia. Born in El Salvador, but seeming to hail from somewhere between Andy Kaufman’s fictional Caspiar and Mork’s planet Ork, Torres uses his stand-up, his “Saturday Night Live” skits (he wrote for the show from 2016 to 2019) and, now, his eccentric filmmaking debut, “Problemista,” to indulge his fixations, including plastic toys and ostentatious sinks.

Yup, that’s him. And for this project, Torres has invited Tilda Swinton, Greta Lee, and RZA along for the ride.

My first exposure to Torres was his film “My Favorite Shapes” which seemed like it was going to be a bit much, but then he turned out to be charming and clever. Likewise his HBO show, “Los Espookys,” which admittedly took some getting used to, but then I decided I was liking it. I have not seen this movie.

Rated R. Running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes.

$12, 7:30pm, Friday, April 26, Problemista, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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