Weekend In Music

Friday@Alchemy, Raven, Vicious Rumors, Lutharo, Wicked @Nick-A-Nee’s, Greg Sherrod @AS220 Main Stage, Oneida, There, more @the Narrows, Barnstar @Greenwich Odeum, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes @Askew, Christopher Paul Stelling, Mary-Elaine Jenkins, Youth in a Roman Field @News Cafe, Jobber, the Callouts, Static Friction, Follow Thru @New Harvest Coffee, Chris Monti @Wes Rib House, Dakaiju, Midnight Creeps, Hope Anchor, Infernal Doubt, Brown Apples

Saturday@News Cafe, Twin Foxes, Autopolitan, Uno Lady, Video Shoppe @Fête Ballroom, Prof, Grip, Futuristic, Willie Wonka @AS220 Main Stage, the Chromatic Punks,the Basement Life, Brown Apples @Askew, Jamie McLean Band, the Mallett Brothers @Nick-A-Nee’s, Josh Grabert and Friends @the Parlour, Sweet Babylon, Llama Tsunami, They Were Robots @Black Lace, Dog Date, Bog Imp, Freakbag  @Union Station Brewery, Midnight Metaphor @the Met, Oblivious Fools @AS220 Black Box, Potter’s Field, Final Resting Pose, Good for Willow, Who Put Bella @the Narrows, (sold out) 10,000 Maniacs

Sunday@AS220 Black Box, Moss Kissing, Abdu Mongo Ali, Kamari Carter, Jake SG @Nick-A-Nee’s, Steve Donovan @the Met, (2pm) RI Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony @AS220 Main Stage, the David Liebe Hart Experience, Baby Baby_explores @Alchemy, Emperor X, Cavalier, Strip Mall, Sprues and Runners @Askew, IV and the Strange Band, Diablogato, Driftwood Soldier @News Cafe, Maggot Therapy, Self Love, Roach, Gas Station Dick Pill

(Photo of Lutharo by Hans)

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