Parking Meters Getting Replaced

Off with their heads. Mayor Smiley announced this week the launch of a parking meter replacement program. Installation of the 1,056 single-space meters and 102 multi-space meters began last week and is expected to conclude this May.

The new meters will offer a multitude of options to pay including coins, credit or debit cards and contactless methods such as text-to-pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The Passport Parking app will also remain available, offering features such as expiration alerts and pre-funding options.

We can only hope that the severe design deficiencies of those old singles have been corrected. The low-contrast screens facing up to the sky could not be read in sunlight. People were always squinting, trying to shade it with a free hand, frequently standing on tiptoes as many meters were installed too high off the ground. These were poorly designed objects that had apparently never been field-tested by humans.

The multi-space meters are those that issue a piece of paper for display on the dashboard. My complaint with these is that you can’t run back to the meter and add just a few minutes as needed; you have to buy a whole new ticket.

Also, purchases with credit cards used to require a minimum two-hour $2.50 ticket. Hopefully, the new “multitude of options to pay” will eliminate that minimum.

It is estimated that nearly 60% of the meters in the city had stopped working entirely, resulting in a significant decrease in revenue.

The parking rate will remain consistent at $1.25 per hour, with 30-minute meters priced at 75 cents. Enforcement hours for parking in metered areas of the city is uniformly enforced in all areas from 8am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday, ensuring consistency citywide, while parking on Sundays and holidays will remain free.

Meanwhile, no charge for parking at the decapitated posts! This one was in front of Seven Stars on Point Street.

[To clarify: You can add a new ticket, but you can’t “add” to your time. You may end up paying for several minutes twice. With the standard coin-op meters, you can throw a few more quarters in and it will be added to the time. Thank you commenter. BC]

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  1. Robin Densten

    “My complaint with these is that you can’t run back to the meter and add just a few minutes as needed; you have to buy a whole new ticket” well if you were close enough to your car to put more money in the meter than you were close enough to stick a new ticket on your windshield? ‍♀️

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