Week In Music

Monday@Alchemy, Owen, Lily Seabird, Bicycle Inn, the Burning Paris @the Met, EXTC

Tuesday@Myrtle, Survivors of the Kraken @Nick-A-Nee’s, Marty Ballou and Friends, George Leonard

Wednesday@Nick-A-Nee’s, Wide Open Spaces @Myrtle, Survivors of the Kraken, Kyodie

Thursday@News Cafe, Broken Vow, Anklebiter, Skud, TNT @the Met, Dirtwire @the Narrows, Darlingside @Alchemy, Wheatus, Dirtbags Across America, the Fairview @the Parlour, Leatherrax, Laquerhead, Parachute Club, Luv Puppit, Tom Abbott

(Photo of Bicycle Inn)

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