Agreement Reached — Students Remove Encampment

Brown University’s pro-Palestinian encampment came down yesterday after an agreement with the university had been reached. According to the Brown Daily Herald:

The Corporation, Brown’s highest governing body, will vote on divestment from companies affiliated with Israel at its October meeting following an agreement between encampment organizers and University administrators this afternoon. Organizers announced the agreement at a rally.

Protesters made quick work of it on Tuesday. The ProJo reports:

Shortly after the deal was brokered, students broke down their tents, rolled up sleeping bags and piled up supplies on a blue tarp in the middle of the green where their encampment previously sat.

The scene was a significant contrast to those that have played out on other college campuses across the country where tensions have only escalated. At Columbia University, students took over Hamilton Hall overnight, barricading themselves inside. Arrests have occurred not only at Columbia but other schools such as the University of Texas, the scene of 80 arrests on Monday. In that case, more than half of those arrested were not students.

What a relief. And good for the protestors who had selected leaders who could negotiate an agreement.


By Monday, hundreds of signatures had been collected.

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